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Get admin access to everything needed to power your website full throttle. Easily create new email accounts and Let’s Encrypt SSL, forward domains, add users, and install WordPress in seconds.

Whether you’re a blogger, small-business owner, web designer, or developer, Nexahost makes it easy to start your online journey off on the right foot. Our shared web hosting solutions are an easy-as-pie way to get a great website up and running.

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Enhance your efficiency with the PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure, Dell’s state-of-the-art shared datacenter infrastructure

Unlimited Ticket Support

You can generate unlimited support ticket, Our experts will take your ticket with in time

Light Speed Servers

Upgrading your web server with our Light Speed Server. It takes few minutes and improves your performance while lowering hardware and support costs

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You can contact our team at any hour. They will be ready to assist you 24/7/365 for your service related queries.

Intel Xenon Processors

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Based on SSD Space

Enterprise-grade SSD drives that ensure up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to other hosting providers using non-SSD drives.

Modern Datacenter

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Free SSL Certificates

SSL hosting on Nexahost for improved security with a reliable certificate that fulfills HTTPS requirements for free*.

Protected Data

All our Servers are Fully DDOS Protected and ensures best uptime for client sites

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting provides various websites to utilize a single server. Normally, you’ll have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing the resources of a server with. Each client will normally have a limit on the total number of server resources they can use, but this will be explained your hosting package.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • 1. This is the most essential benefit of this type of web hosting. The server cost is also sharing with several users. You can compare the cost of several shared hosting providers and decide one that satisfies your business.
  • 2. Your website will host a high power high-speed server.
  • 3. A control panel always for you to manage your website.
  • 4. Server-based plans, configurations and maintenance are handled by the hosting team. Thus you require only the basic information to up your website.
  • 5. You don’t need to bother about server hardening and protection. Thus the service provider will ever deal with those kinds of operations. Some provider regularly keeps your account backup too. So you are safe

How Does Shared Hosting Works?

Shared Hosting is where a single server hosts various sites. The numbers can vary from several hundred to many thousands depending on the available hard drive space, RAM, and processing speed. This hosting is on a computer that’s identical to a dedicated server, but its resources are used by a very greater number of customers. Each website user record’s files and any applications are stored in separate barriers on the server, and the individual has its file directory tree. Users don’t have access to both the root or to each other’s files. Thus all reports on the shared server share computing resources of the webserver.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is hosting?

The basics: you want a website. You've got great ideas for content, a vision board describing your site's mood, and even a wishlist for additional functions you want for your website. But how exactly do you get your site online? That's where hosting comes in. Your website needs a hosting provider to get it up on the web and publicly available to visit. Web hosts are companies that provide the server space necessary to store your website. As web traffic attempts to access your site, the necessary data is transmitted from the server to the visitors' device. Web hosting providers do, however, differ in the variety of plan types and options they offer. So having a quality web host is crucial.

How many websites can I host?

Just getting started? With a Starter Shared plan (SH1 Plan), you can host one website — a great place to begin! If you're looking to manage a handful of sites, a Shared Unlimited plan allows you to host any number of websites.

Does Shared Hosting include email?

Whether you're building your business or your brand (or both), you want to put your best foot forward. An exclusive email tied to your domain can give you a professional edge as you work to grow your website. With Nexahost's Shared Unlimited plan, you get a dedicated email @ your domain. Additionally, Nexahost offers paid email plans, so anybody — even Starter Shared customers — can add professional email from their domain, up to five mailboxes with 25GB of disk storage each. And hey, you don't have to pay a pretty penny for these services; they start as low as $1.67 a month!

What's the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

A domain name is the unique .com (or dot whatever) address where your site can be found on the web. But in order to get your website online, you'll also need a web host to provide the server space necessary to store your site. For a fully-functional site, you need both a domain name and a good web host. Like peanut butter and jelly, they're better together. To make things simple, you can keep your needs in-house, letting one provider supply both your domain name and web hosting needs.

What if I have a domain at another company? Can I transfer it?

Forget about packing up virtual boxes or worrying about a forwarding address— we'll handle the transfer tasks and make moving to Nexahost. By transferring your domain registration from your old provider to Nexahost, you can easily manage all aspects of your domain from one convenient location.

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