Why does your bussiness need Linux Server

Why does your bussiness need Linux Server
Riddhi Jindal
Riddhi Jindal

Created: 05/20/2020 2:43 PM - Updated: 05/20/2020 2:43 PM

IT organizations perform great effort to deliver business value by increasing productivity and delivering services faster while left behind flexible enough to incorporate innovations like containers ,cloud, and configuration automation. Modern work, whether they run on bare metal,containers, virtual machines, or  public or private clouds, are expected to be scalable and portable.

Your digital revolution journey should be shown by a faithful operating system like Linux which  provide continuously updated technology and the most efficient and secure entrée to innovations like containers ,cloud, and configuration automation.

Linux is a group of free, open source software operating systems build around the Linux kernel. Linux has the biggest installed base of all general-purpose OS

A large number of enterprise companies have adopted servers with a high-powered variant of the Linux open source operating system. These are made to handle the most challenging business application requirements, such as database management ,network and system administration and web services.

Linux servers are usually chosen over other server operating systems for their flexibility , stability and security. Leading Linux server operating systems include DebianCentOS Ubuntu ServerSlackware, and Gentoo.

The Linux server should provide flexible integration and platform manageability with legacy management and automation infrastructure. This will save IT staff time and decrease unplanned downtime compared to a non-paid Linux infrastructure. It should:

·                      Speed image building, deployment, and patch management 

             ·         Automate consistency and compliance 

             ·         Simplify platform updates 

             ·         Resolve technical

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