What is WHM ? what are key benefits of WHM?

A powerful program that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel.
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Created: 05/25/2020 7:53 AM - Updated: 05/25/2020 8:01 AM

WHM (Web Host Manager) is an administrative access tool for the backend of the cPanel account. Through  WHM, we can create a cPanel account to access hosting accounts. With WHM, we can easily manage many a light to heavy sites with the help of WHM. Also, users  can sell hosting services and manage multiple cPanel with the option to modify, upgrade or even downgrade an account and monitor usage of bandwidth as well.

What are the key benefits of WHM?

WHM allows users to access DNS zones of all the domains. It also allows users to create, delete and suspend cPanel accounts. Apart from its ability to configure and support customer requests through the cPanel, it also allows users to change domain and usernames of clients.

With a total backend control over cPanel, WHM has many other benefits for Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers as well.

They can be enlisted as follows:

- WHM allows users to install and manage SSL certificates with ease

- It allows assignment and whitelisting of IP addresses

- With WHM, one can get access to all the accounts inside. In addition to this, it also allows one to change the ownership of the account in case an account is  sold or deleted

- Clients can receive newsletters, updates and deal upgrades via WHM

- WHM allows other websites to brand themselves with different WHM skins

- It also monitors the status of the server and resources  .On the whole, WHM takes away the time spent on server administration and puts the focus on managing requirements of customers.

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