What is a Managed VPS?

Manged Virtual Private Server
Riddhi Jindal
Riddhi Jindal

Created: 05/19/2020 3:24 PM - Updated: 05/20/2020 7:25 AM

Managed Virtual Private Server is a VPS hosting service provided by service provider which provides you with the service of separate, virtual, independent server with multiple benefits such as :

  • ·         c-panel
  • ·         server backup
  • ·         full root ssh access
  • ·         fast provisioning
  • ·         data Centers
  • ·         complete customization
  •           and many more….


Managed VPScomes with the features which are used to provide storage for the database of the application which gives quickest response possible for the application.

When working on the managed vps hosting the user get many advantages such as server maintenance is done by the providers, updating of software and hardware is not an issue to run the website, support is available, system monitoring is done on regular basis, security is provided.


Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting


1. Full root access

VPS Hosting provide the ease and advantage of both Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting. Full root access allows you to modify it based on your needs since your managed server is isolated from other servers.

2. Ease of management

It gives you the benefit of concentrating on building your business and managing it as the server management and maintenance is taken care by your web hosting provider.

3. Instant resource provisioning

All server resources like RAM, CPU,Operating System are instantly allocated to the server as soon as your server is set up. Depending on your traffic, you can easily scale all your resources.

4. Cost Saving

Managed VPS are always cost saving as you did not need to hire an additional technical administrator to manage the website, since maintenance of the website is taken care by the web hosting provider.

5. Performance

Performance is increased in Managed Hosting as you can decide which type of hard drive you want in your server i.e. SSD or HDD.


Website security is the most important part. When we talk about security in servers, isolation feature is what we are talking about.

In this hosting even though all the websites share the same physical space, the IP addresses are unique to each server.

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