what are Bulk Email Services?

A bulk email service allows you to send email communications to large lists of multiple recipients.
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Created: 05/19/2020 4:25 PM - Updated: 05/19/2020 4:25 PM

Bulk e-mail services are the services through which a person can conveniently send thousands of e-mail messages to multiple recipients in a very less time.With this one can send mails to a list of any size also personalized emails can be send to multiple lists consisting e-mail addresses . There are several providers available in the market who offer these services at a specific cost or a plan which is based on the requirements of the customers . 

Customers can decide the number and frequency of the emails they want to send and accordingly can select a plan from any available providers. 

By this service Online entrepreneurs and other marketers can avoid being labeled as a spammer or a junk e-mail sender by any of there customer's email client like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

If the marketers do not puchase the bulk e-mail services from an authorized provider they might get flagged by the Federal Trade Commission for disrespecting and breaking the CAN-SPAM Act and there emails can be considered as illegal or spam emails. 

While selecting Bulk E-mail Services one should check the management of mailing lists ,the reputation of IP addressses and domains of the service , the rate of email delivery and also check the performance reports .

There are several points to keep in mind in order to send Bulk Emails without getting Blacklisted or labeled as a spam :

  • SPF and DKIM signatures are must.
  • A recognizable sender name and address should only be used.
  • Inserting suspicious links or attachments should be avoided.
  • The email design should be appropriate. 

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