Transport Layer security (TLS) and its working

Provides end-to-end communication security over networks .
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Created: 05/20/2020 2:28 PM - Updated: 05/20/2020 2:28 PM

Transport Layer security or TLS is a security protocol used to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the Internet . It provides end-to-end communication security over networks and is widely used specially for making online transactions. TLS mainly encrypts the communication between the web server and web application. TLS-protected HTTPS has now become a standard practice for websites. 

TLS works on three major procedures-


        TLS protocol specifications consists of two parts.The TLS record protocol establishes connection security, and the TLS handshake protocol enables authentication between the client and server by exchanging security keys before any data transmission. TLS was evolved from Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol which was also a cryptographic protocol but TLS has largely superseded it

        TLS Working:-

        A TLS connection is established by using TLS handshake, A TLS handshake handles all the details such as which encryption or session keys will be shared for any particular session.Also, it manages authentication which includes the server proving its identity to the client by using public keys which can be encrypted by the original sender with its private key.

        As soon as data is encrypted and authenticated, it is then signed with a message authentication code (MAC). The MAC is then verified by the recipients to ensure the integrity of the data.

        Benefits of TLS:-

        TLS protects web applications from attacks such as data breaches, and DDoS attacks.

        TLS is very  efficient and secure  as it has stronger message authentication, key generation and other encryption algorithms.

        TLS manages pre-shared keys, secure remote passwords and kerbeos.

        The connection established by TLS is reliable as each message transmission involve as process of message integrity check by assigning a Message Authentication Code (MAC).

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