How to install SSL certificate in CWP 7?

Centos Web Panel helps automate the process of applying SSL certificates for domains on your server.
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Created: 06/02/2020 7:36 AM - Updated: 06/02/2020 7:36 AM

Once a SSL certificate is activated, validated and issued, it will be sent to your designated email address.

To install this SSL certificate, you will need to follow  the steps :

  • Log into your CWP admin area and locate Apache Settings from the left-hand navigation menu.

  • Select SSL Certificates option from Apache Settings and switch to the Manual Install tab.     


  • Now choose your domain name from the drop-down list provided. 
  • Next, copy the certificate code you received by email from Comodo including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- tags, pasting it to the 'Certificate' box.  The code can be found in the file with .crt extension or you can copy it directly from the email you received.
  • Paste or Enter  your Private Key code into the corresponding box. It should look like a block of code with the header -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and footer -----END PRIVATE KEY----. Please make sure to use the same Private Key code that was generated with your CSR code.
  • Now copy and paste the chain of intermediate certificates (CA Bundle) into the Certificate Authority box. Alternatively, you can select Generate Intermediate Certificates.
  • Click Validate Certificate to ensure the certificate matches the Private Key.
  • Click Save 

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