Benefits of Having Your Own Email on VPS Hosting?

Examining why it makes sense to have your email on your VPS.
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Created: 06/01/2020 5:20 AM - Updated: 06/01/2020 5:20 AM

You’re already using some VPS hosting service. You can simply add this system to your existing VPS platform. Also, There are numerous reasons why you should consider handling your own email system on VPS :

Privacy - One of the biggest benefits of using your email server is that you keep your company's emails really private. If you choose an app (such as Yahoo or Gmail), you are bounded with their Terms of Service. If they want to use your data to help generate revenue, they can

Security - Privacy and security are compatible, so it's not surprising that this is the next benefit. If you give your email to another company, then you are a potential target if that company is captured. What makes this even more upsetting is that there is nothing you can do about it. We hear about businesses being attacked and the fact that data has been stolen so much that it's become commonplace.

Downtime — Many of your hosting companies offer 99.9% overtime guarantee  You do not get such a guarantee from big companies that handle email services. Now, it's very rare that one of these big companies goes down. But they are aiming for hundreds because chefs are always looking to divert their resources. So this is one great place where you can feel comfortable knowing that your emails are in your hands.

Branding - Finally, an email for your own business can give you the opportunity to get your brand name over there. If you use Gmail for your emails, your email address will This doesn't look professional. But if you have your own email server, you can create accounts like


With a VPS hosting service provider, you are already getting a server that can run your website efficiently and quickly. But you must consider adding a VPS email system as it can improve your business’s email functionality in terms of privacy, security, uptime, and branding. 

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