Alibaba Cloud Computing: An Introduction

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Riddhi Jindal
Riddhi Jindal

Created: 05/20/2020 11:25 AM - Updated: 05/20/2020 11:25 AM

Alibaba is a leading online marketplace in Asia and China. Alibaba entered in the world of public cloud services in 2009 with Aliyun. Following a planned decision to enlarge aggressively outside of China, in 2015 they made a billion-dollar investment in Aliyun, which was rebranded as Alibaba Cloud. 

Alibaba Cloud Benefits

Cloud Security

Protect the web applications with Alibaba Cloud’s record breaking anti-DDoS technology and anti-DDoS protection integrated into all ECS instances.

Cloud Without Borders

With Alibaba break down latency and get started globally on it’s international network of about 13 data centers and manage all regions from a single global account.

Data Security

As it is a  Singapore registered company, it comply with high-level international certifications to promise security of data, including gold certification in cloud security.

China's Largest Cloud Provider

Aliaba has 5 data centers and about 500 CDN nodes in China, which makes it possible to cut down latency and access ICP support, CDN, and web hosting on China's most advanced cloud infrastructure.

Record Breaking Computing Power

Save time with Alibaba Clouds advanced big data crunching technology and link your business with the latest technology in VR, machine-learning and IoT.

Economies of Scale

Access the same economy of scale and processing power.

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