Dear Valued Customer,

 As a part of our endeavor to continuously improve the quality of services provided to our customers, we are planning some changes to the network architecture. We are confident that the changes will improve our network availability and performance.  The activity is scheduled between 7th Feb 23:30 hours to 8th Feb 03:00 hours. The window has been chosen to have minimal impact to the traffic.

 Due to the nature of the change, during the scheduled maintenance window all our services will be impacted.

 Planned Activity

Redundancy for ISP

Network upgrades for high performance & availability.

Change the power source to ATS.

 Reason of Activity

To optimize performance of existing resources such that customers leverage superior performance with 0 downtime.

 Activity Window

Start Time:  7th Feb, 2018 23:30 hrs. (UTC +05:30) 

End Time:  8th Feb , 2018 03:00 hrs. (UTC +05:30) 

Total Time: Between 45 to 60 Minutes (Expected downtime is only between 00:00 to 01:00 AM 8th Feb 2018)

Post Scheduled Maintenance:

A notification shall be sent out upon completion of the change. In the unlikely event that you continue to face issues with our services post the notification, kindly contact our Support Team

 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused in this regard and hope that you appreciate the intent of the change to improve the quality of the services.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

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